What we do

Entrada a España

Third Country nationals, obtaining Residence and Work Permits for highly-skilled employees, obtaining Residence Permits for family members of same. Obtaining Residency Permits for intra-company secondment for employees and their family members. Obtaining Student Residence Permits, and obtaining Residence and Work Permits processed under the General System.

European Union nationals, obtaining registration certificates for EU nationals when both the employee and their family members are EU nationals, and obtaining Community Residence Cards for direct members of the employee’s family who are not EU nationals.

Communication of intra-Community movement with the employment authorities in the appropriate Autonomous Community when an EU national, or legally resident non-EU national residing in a Member State, continues to pay Social Security contributions in their country of origin.

Exit from Spain

Obtaining liaison documents from Spanish Social Security and destination country Social Security, if there are social security agreements in place between the two countries.

Obtaining A-1 Liaison Documents for EU nationals residing in Spain, and for non-EU nationals legally resident in Spain, when they undertake temporary postings to any EU Member State.

Obtaining visas from the diplomatic services in Spain (Embassies and Consulates), once Spanish employees or legally resident foreigners in Spain have been issued visas by the destination country.

Other Immigration Services

Notifying the authorities of company termination of employee contract, when employee permit has been obtained pursuant to the Ley de Emprendedores (Law for Entrepreneurs).
Obtaining new Residence Permit on change of employer. Obtaining amended Residence and/or Work Permit.
Obtaining copy of Residence Permit when original is lost or damaged. Obtaining copy of letter granting residency rights.
Obtaining Foreigner’s Identity Number (NIE) certificate.
Obtaining Resident or non-Resident certificate.
Obtaining re-entry permit.
Extensions to stay.
Technical and legal immigration reports. Change of address.
Obtaining Spanish nationality through continued legal residence in Spain. Obtaining Spanish National Identity Document (DNI) and passport.
Registration of marriage. Registration of common law couple.
Obtaining marriage and birth certificates. Obtaining criminal record.
Accreditation of foreign qualifications.
Obtaining power of attorney. Document legalization.
Immigration resources.
Other related areas.