How we operate

We study each specific case to determine the legal system applicable for expatriate contracts. We check that circumstances permit contracting under the applicable system. We ascertain whether the employee is on secondment or posting from a group company or whether they have been contracted externally.

We tell the employee what documentation he/she needs to send to us, both individually and for family members in the event of the employee being married and bringing their family with them, and similarly we inform the company of the documentation we will require from them.

If applications for Residence and Work permits are processed by the Immigration Services Large Companies Department, the procedure may take approximately 20 – 30 days from date of application, and if they are processed under the General System, approximately 3 months.

Once they have been granted a Residence Permit, we tell the employee what documentation they will need to submit for themselves and their family members to the Spanish Consulate in their country of origin for the purpose of obtaining visas. If necessary, we liaise with the Spanish Consulate to settle any issues which may arise during the visa application process.

Once the employee and their family have obtained visas and arrive in Spain, we arrange an appointment at the appropriate police station where one of our firm’s lawyers will accompany them during the procedure for applying for and obtaining their Foreigner’s Identity Cards (NIE).

We keep the client company informed at all times of our communications with the employee prior to and following their entry to Spain. We oversee Residence Permit renewals for both the employee and their family members, giving the client company three months’ notice prior to expiry date so that permits may be renewed legally and in a timely manner.

We have an online computer system and specific software which our lawyers use to record, every day and from any workstation where they might be, all of the activities carried out for processing each specific case. This means that we are able to respond immediately to any query regarding the employee or their family members received from the client company or the expatriate employee him/herself.